5 Tests to Expect at DOT Physical

According to a recent article published on BBC, you can even think yourself to death. Scary, isn’t it? You may be wondering what this has to do with the article on DOT Physical! The point I am trying to make here is that if you are mentally prepared and know what to expect at DOT physical, you can get better test results. How you think and mentally prepare for the medical tests can have positive or negative effects on your test results, this is what the emerging medical science claims. So if you are trying to pursue a career as commercial driver, learn about what to expect at DOT Physical and prepare yourself.

DOT Physical: Why?

DOT stands for The Department of Transportation, government organization that conducts medical examination of all commercial drivers in United States before allowing them to drive a motor vehicle. According to the law, all commercial drivers must undergo DOT Physical after every two years. These tests ensure the physical fitness of commercial drivers and if they are fit enough to do their job. So what do you expect at DOT Physical?

  1. Test for Weight and Height

This looks easy and simple! Overweight or too short drivers may find a problem here as heights and weight are recorded under weight and height check.

  1. Test for Ear, Eyes and Throat

As a driver, good vision is one of the most important things to keep you behind the wheel. In this test, doctors examine hearing and vision of the driver. Threat deformities are also checked as serious threat problems can affect healthy breathing. People with corrective lenses can take the test while wearing the lenses. Doctors also check for diseases related to ear, eyes and throat that can contribute to issues related to driving.

  1. Test for Lungs and Abdomen

Respiration rate is examined in the next test by DOT physical doctors. Doctors ensure that the respiration rate of the drivers is well within a healthy range. Abdomen is also examined to check abnormal masses, enlarge spleen or liver and abdominal wall weakness.

  1. Test for Blood Pressure and Heart

In the next examination, doctors check for cardiovascular diseases. All the drivers are asked to show medical history related to heart failure in past or other cardiovascular diseases. The test includes examination of arrhythmias and heart murmurs of drivers. For some drivers, doctors can recommend further tests like electrocardiogram if they find it necessary. Doctors can also ask for retest after few months for drivers diagnosed with hypertension.

  1. Neurological Test

Drivers are also examined for their neurological responses, impairment of coordination, reflexes and speech. If doctors are not satisfied with the results, driver can be asked for further and more detailed neurological tests. Results of these tests determine if the driver is allowed for driving or not.

Other than the 5 basic and simple tests, drivers are also asked to provide sample of urine for lab tests. The lab tests mostly determine the severity of diabetes as drivers who need insulin to control their diabetes are not allowed to drive a commercial vehicle. Other tests include the examination of musculoskeletal system and range of motion. Based on the results of all the tests included, drivers can qualify to drive a commercial vehicle.

All in all, there is nothing to fear about as these DOT mn Physical consists of simple and routine tests. If you feel fit enough, you will not find any problem in qualifying as a commercial driver.

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